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About Joyi

  We are a high technology company, professional for commercial game software and intelligent vending machine system, which is located in Huachuang Animation&Cartoon Park, Panyu, GZ,China
  Owned professional R&D team, based on developing original game We are Aiming at Asia market. After founding in 2009,according the market we released over forty outstanding game products successively with propriety intellectual property rights.Especially the famous brand “Magic Finger” series in animation lines gained the Chinese ministry of culture’s marketing permission, which is also the top-selling product in Southeast Asia.
  As its core philosophy “Innovation change lives” said, Zhouyi Technology is always leading the industry on creativity and innovation. At the beginning of 2012, Zhouyi Technology Launched the new generation of vending machine with intelligence and convenience that combines traditional retail industry and internet industry. The all-new intelligent vending machine has much more advantages than the traditional ones!
  The appearance of ZHOUYI intelligent vending machine heralds a new intelligent era at retails sale in China .It is a revolution in quality and retailing !
  With “Working hard to make the best products” this design philosophy that we always sticks to. We dedicate ourselves on innovation and creation, and we are committed to provide reliable products.
——Guangzhou Joyi Intelligent Technology CO. Ltd


Congratulations! Joyi won Award on the 10thAn...

Congratulations! Joyi won Award on the 10thAnnual Conference of China E-game Industry Association for its outstanding dedigation

Joyi Vendor will attend CHINAVMF 2014

Joyi Vendoris glad to invite you to visit our booth at the leading vending show of the year, which will present the audience trends and opportunities that define and advance today's fast-paced vending and self-service industry.

Joyi Machine launched advanced smart vending ...

Joyi Machine launched advanced smart vending machine on 2013 China Vending Show.



JoYi Intelligent Vending Machine
●Graphic Shopping System
Unique twin-touchscreen shopping guide with image makes shopping easier and faster.
●Multi-promotion System
Unique embedded promotion activities with games and animation characters stimulates customers’ desire
●Voice Prompt Function
Intelligent service with clear voice guide makes life easier!
●Video Ads System
Video Ads showed on each equipments can be updated and modified through Zhouyi’s Intelligent Network Management system without interrupting. Ads are ongoing 24/7.
●Intelligent Sales Management System
System will record each sale, and automatically update inventory and revenue of each vendor. Instead of manual inspection, these data can be obtained through secured online server, making management easier and faster. WIFI, 3G, and cable connection are supported.
●Equipment Surveillance System
Surveillance camera and network positioning protect the vendor 24/7.
●Vending Monitoring System
Intelligent monitoring system ensures every transaction by monitoring the delivery process. Inductive security door ensures safety of products and income.
●Multi-payment System
More payment options including cash, credit card, and online payment make shopping easier.


Video Ads
●26 inch HD Touch screen
●24 hours lasting play
●Professional Ads maintenance team
●Support interactive ads
●Support video with voice
Picture Ads
●26 inch HD Touch screen
●24 hours lasting play
●Professional Ads maintenance team
●Support interactive ads
●Support one ad multi-image


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